Georgian Journey


A Six Days of Wild Extreme Adventure

Challenge lovers? Looking for an upscale, adrenaline-fueled outdoor trip? AclassA Travelers invites you to enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Georgia on the all-inclusive itinerary: from a plethora of crazy attractions, through close escorts of area guides to accommodation in the best places in the world!

Luxury Hotels

Chef restaurants

Kosher Food

Pre-order is required

Pampering massages

Extreme insurance

Private group

Professional video

Exclusive: Live drone and GoPro footage

Exciting helicopter tours

Suitable for disabled

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?What’s the plan

1.Can-Am Maverick X3

Free the Beast inside you

Unleash the beast in you in a breathtaking experience of all terrain driving! Can your heart handle this level of extreme?!

קאן אם מאבריק X3 רכבי השטח הטובים בעלם

2.Exhilarating Rafting

Riding in Can Am Maverick X3'S ,you will arrive at the "Mtkvari river" for the most Exhilarating Rafting​
שייט נהרות מסעיר בנוף עוצר נשימה


The most innovative driving experience in the world
First time in Georgia! extreme single rides in Georgia's wild forests , in wild off-road vehicles of the world's elite units and hunters

4.Horseback riding

Horses? to the extreme! A thrilling ride in the Georgian pristine vista. A multi horsepower experience.
רכיבת סוסים בהרי הקווקז

5.Indulgent feasts

The ride and the intoxicating view have opened up your appetite? Treat yourselves to a feast of unique flavors of the outstanding chef dishes in the beautiful local nature.
ארוחות גורמה מידי שפים בעלי שם עולמי

6.A breathtaking flight over the Kazbek Ridge

You have seen it on land and experienced it on water , now you are can see everything from a bird's eye view, on an adrenaline charged helicopter flight.
טיסה מרתקת מעל הרי הקזבגי

7.Extreme shooting

A challenging activity: shooting air born ceramic plates with shotguns & crossbows.

The "Champion Of Champions" Competition

The participant who wins the highest score from all the participants in the 2019 season will win:

The whole trip as a

ירי אתגרי ברובים וחץ וקשת
*According of company terms and conditions


Your Own Set of wings
A Thrilling Experience Over The Russia-Georgia Friendship Canyon With Gliding Parachutes At 700 Meters High And 60 Kilometers Per Hour Overlooking Magnificent Waterfalls!
מצנחי פאראגליידינג

9.Perfect hospitality

You deserve to be pampered on this trip. We offer the highest standard of accommodation combined with authentic cuisine, superb wines, Tabun baked Georgian bread, all prepared and served on a chef restaurant level, complete with friendly gatherings, Georgian folklore and soothing massages to create the ultimate experience.
אירוח יוקרתי כמיטב המסורת הגאורגית
Our packages


  • Min' number of 30 participants
  • Can Am track about 500 km
  • Same Hotel the whole trip
  • Rafting (in season)
  • Shooting/crossbows
  • Paragliding
  • Horseback riding
  • Georgian folklore in the hotel​
  • Edit video at the end of the trip
  • Unique extreme insurance


  • Min' number of 26 participants
  • Can Am track about 700 km
  • A different hotel every night
  • Flight over Kazbek Ridge
  • Rafting (in season)
  • Shooting/crossbows
  • Paragliding
  • Horseback riding
  • Massages along the track
  • Outdoor gourmet meals
  • Georgian folklore in the hotel​
  • Edit video at the end of the trip
  • Unique extreme insurance
* 5-night packages, 6 days | Limited Time Prices | Kosher Food Option – Pre-Ordered | Paragliding, weather dependent
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Indulgent feasts

Helicopter flight

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