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AclassA Group

Company Profile​

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The company consists of several subsidiaries

AclassA Performance

AclassA Performance was founded a decade ago by Asaf Artsi. We specialize in importing and exporting special luxury vehicles.

Our clients include high profile businessmen around the globe include: Israel, Kazakhstan, China, Russia, and Azerbaijan.

Over the years, our customers became good friends of ours and began to travel around the world sharing the same loves. Sports cars, luxury cars, gourmet restaurants, luxury hotels, luxurious casinos, racing cars, participation in competitions in Israel and around the world.

Unparalleled extreme off-road experience

Over the years, Asaf and his friends nonstop searching, for a new way to experience their passion for crazy adrenaline off-road trips with better SSV tools, etc’.

The result was there isn’t a company that can provide this level of excitement.

Asaf knowledge and experience, thanks to is many years of competing in ATV tools, bring him to open his own company “AclassA Travelers” in “Georgia”.

AclassA Travelers


Georgia A country that is a short flight from Israel (about two hours flight)
and where there is no other country in the world so rich in landscapes, valleys, rivers, lakes, and breathtaking rivers.

It was decided to establish the luxury and extras company AclassA Travelers.

BRP (Can-Am)

With a huge investment that includes the purchase of 12 professional tools (not basic models) from the world’s best SSV manufacturer, BRP (AKA Can-Am).

BRP’s turbine models are now considered to be the best and most expensive in the world.

Along with the purchase of these vehicles, we bought Spare parts

, Wheels, Tires, Winter covers, portable massage beds, unique Ford Raptor assistance vehicles, Toyota Landcruiser equipped with everything we need for surviving, and RM BMW M530.


We purchased 12 unique electric vehicles called EZraider.
these vehicles that are used as tactical vehicles for special missions in the elite units of the IDF and the CIA and the sea lions, are with us for a tour of national parks that are not allowed in a motor vehicle.

Extreme shooting

We received special approval to purchase 11 types of firearms and purchase standard AR500 targets. You can customize activity by locations (from the field, from range).

Pricelist by the number of people and by the number of projectiles. (Physician attendance and evacuation vehicle are charged daily)

Race Track

Race Track Activities: Karting, Legend, Formula Alpha, and Midget.

Activation for Individuals or Small Groups

Our Location

We are located near the city of Tbilisi, Rustavi which offers one of the world’s best racetrack approved by the FIA (World Racing Federation).

Elite activities for focus groups

Hybrid bikes



Cliff surfing

Free skydiving from helicopters


Hot air balloon

Horseback riding
Daily trip


Horseback riding
6 day trip – 5 nights

Racing Driving

Shotgun shooting for flying pottery

Tailor Made trip plan

Our top priority is to make our clients happy this why we decided to offer a Tailor-made trip plan option alongside our line of pre-made packages.

this option offer to our clients to get the best trip they dream of depending on their budget.

Unique one-day incentive packages for companies.

Incentive trips for groups that keep Shabbat (Saturday) combined winter trips with snowmobiles, drifting on a frozen lake, and more.

kosher food for organized groups or companies (pre-ordered one month in advance required).

The winter season has become the most popular season for us thanks to the unique activities we have built with great effort!

Welcome to an unparalleled experience!

AclassA Travelers

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